Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Artistic Light of Cindy Crawford

By Kimberly Mack
Cindy Crawford is an up and coming multi-talented artist and it may well be that her days of obscurity are numbered. Her artistic light and talent shines too brightly for the public and the art community not to take notice.

“I’m an abstract artist,” she explained on a recent visit to her Huntington Beach home and studio. “I tend to see shapes and colors. My work is very detailed and takes a lot of patience. I like painting geometric patterns. Every time you look at a piece I’ve done you see something different or a new depth you didn’t notice before. It’s my own technique I’ve discovered over time. Now,” she added with a smile, “I’m also working with metal and it’s really exciting.”

“I like metal in different shapes,” she continued. “I’ll take a piece I find in an iron or thrift shop and work on it for hours. It’s really amazing what you can find. I’ll experiment with my design in pencil. If I don’t like it, I erase it and start over.”

Cindy showed a beautiful two-foot metal dragonfly she had recently done in vivid shades of turquoise and blue-green giving it a sparkling life of its own. Another piece, a sailing regatta, was painted in geometric patterns and brilliant colors of gold, green and blue. The pieces were unique. They played and changed with the light wherever you moved in the room. Cindy’s work touches the viewer with its colors and depth, taking you to a peaceful dimension, forcing you to momentarily forget the present. She confesses that painting helps when her mind becomes too cluttered. It takes her thoughts away from the day-to-day realities of life. Perhaps that is the secret of her artwork like so many artists before her. She takes us on a beautiful journey.

A tour of Cindy’s home and studio is further testament to her artistic eye and talent. Additional artwork is seen gracing her rooms and walls. There is a welcome and relaxed aura that greets visitors and guests. Her d├ęcor is further accentuated with beautiful pieces of Koa wood furniture she accumulated while living in Hawaii with her ex-husband and children.

In 2008 Cindy began to devote herself fulltime to her love of designing and art. She started with the launch of her own jewelry line. A visit to her website is a confirmation of her talent and discriminating eye for beauty. When designing her jewelry, Cindy begins by meticulously researching the history and origin of all her gems and stones. Her jewelry line consists of everything from necklaces and bracelets to earrings. Her jewelry is suitable for every occasion, whether it’s a formal affair or a day at the beach with your kids.

“I’m getting a body of my work ready for a show,” she explained. She will also be selling her jewelry at the Golden West and Orange County Swap Meets this spring.
Today Cindy may be knee deep in acrylic paint with metal pieces lined up against the wall waiting to be transformed, but this ambitious artist won’t stop there. Her next venture is to work with unique pieces of wood. Another website that will feature her artwork is also in the development stages.

It’s clear that Cindy Crawford has a gift, whether it’s been handed down through family generations or is hers alone, one thing is certain - it is a gift and a talent. A gift that shines too bright to be unnoticed.

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