Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Vision and Dedication Comes to Life in Old Lankershim Village

 By Kimberly Mack

The long awaited unveiling and ribbon cutting ceremony of The Old Lankershim Village Gateway Monument took place today, Thursday, July 9th at 12:00 noon at the junction of Lankershim and Cahuenga.
Presiding over the special dedication was Councilman Tom LaBonge. The Councilman was joined by Richard Bogy, Past President and Chair of the Government Affairs and Community Development Committee, as well as members of the TLCC, GTLNC and Campo de Cahuenga. Also present were local businesses Mayberry Lincoln Mercury, Altobelli Jewelers, Robert Evans Photo Studio, Bungalow 3, Graffiti Palace, Dr.Cleaners and the Robert Bachelor Salon.
Councilman Tom LaBonge presented Certifications of Appreciation to Terry Davis, Past President of the GTLNC; Richard Bogy; Deuk and Beth Perrin, President and Secretary of the Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association; Diane McCreary, Campo de Cahuenga, Weddington Foundation and TLCC; Alice Roth, Regional District Director, Office of Councilman Tom LaBonge; and Cos and Kelly Altobelli, Chair of the Old Lankershim Village Committee for the TLCC. Salyna Cun of the Board of Public Works also attended and delivered a proclamation of support.
In addition, Councilman Tom LaBonge gave special mention to Officer of the Year, John Catalano and the LAFD Department stations No. 60 and 86.
“Anytime you put up a gateway, it’s special.” Councilman Tom LaBonge told the crowd.
“We want to remember the past and dedicate this monument to the Old Lankershim Village. We want to rediscover the rich history of this forgotten corridor.”
A corridor once owned by the Lankershim family, and in the late 19th Century was the largest wheat exporter in the world. The Lankershim corridor also has the historic distinction of having the very first parking meter ever installed in the Los Angeles area.
Kelly Altobelli, Chair of the Old Lankershim Village Committee commented, “It’s so exciting to finally see this happen after all the hard work everyone has done.”
Long time business owner Mike Mayberry of Mayberry Lincoln Mercury Dealership was happy to contribute to the campaign fund for the monument.
“The area has cleaned up and looks better than it did ten years ago. Everyone has worked very hard. We’ve been here since 1947. We’re happy to be here and look forward to many more years.”
Glen Karkoff, owner of Graffiti Palace, has been in business on Lankershim since 1995 and will be celebrating his 15 year anniversary shortly. Glenn is proud that his shop contributes to the revenue in the area.
“Our customers come from all over and there’s a real community feeling here.”
Robert Evans of Robert Evans Photo Studio, in business since 2001, another contributor to the campaign for re-growth, agrees with his fellow business owners.
“I like what they are doing for the area. I love the neighborhood and easy access to the subway. I’m happy to have contributed.”
The days of the wheat ranch owned by the Lankershim family in the 1880’s may have passed, but the soil along the Lankershim corridor remains rich and ready for new roots to take hold.

Printed from the Tolucan Times

Sterling Salon Gives Battered Women a Lift

By Kimberly Mack

Todd Sterling Brown, owner of the Sterling Salon in Studio City, has learned to count his blessings, especially in these difficult economic times. As he gazed out his salon window recently, he noticed a woman shuffling down the street, shopping cart in tow, her clothes unkempt and hair matted. He had an idea. He would give free makeovers to less fortunate women that had hit hard times.
The makeovers took place on Tuesday, July 28th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Sterling Salon on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City for 45 battered women from the Domestic Abuse Center in Northridge. The women were provided free round-trip transportation to the Salon by Officer Jesus Maranda of the LAPD, Van Nuys Division.
Gale Pincus, Executive Director of The Domestic Abuse Center, also a client of the Sterling Salon, was key in coordinating this event for the battered women of the Center. Other business owners assisting were Jose Neria and Vanessa Valarde of the Jose Neria Salon, and their staff. Coffee and muffins were happily supplied by Mark Gunsky and Moira Shevlin of Aroma Café.
“I learned to count my blessings and be thankful for what I have,” Todd Brown commented. “If you have food to eat and a bed to sleep in, you’re doing okay. Someone always has it worse. Everything here today was donated. I grew up with a single mom and I know how hard it can be. Many of these women are single mothers. They have to feed their kids and get them to school. They don’t put themselves first. We wanted to help.”
“We wanted to give these women a presentable edge when looking for a job,” added Javier Oropezo, a stylist at Sterling Salon, “and help them make a good example for their children.”
Moira Shevlin, General Manager of Aroma Café, first heard of the makeover day while getting her hair done, and offered to donate refreshments.
“It was the most amazing day,” noted Moira. “These ladies are the real heroes. We wanted them to have a cup of coffee and a muffin and get their hair done. They needed a gift from the heart. It’s so important to give a little bit of hope. It balances out all the other crazy stuff going on today. Life, love and hope.” Moira added. “That’s what it’s all about.”
Gail Pincus, Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Center, added, “I’m so grateful to the Salon for doing this. One woman who had her hair cut and styled had not been in a hair salon in 50 years! Another woman did not have the money, so she had to cut it herself. It’s wonderful to see people giving back to the community. The Salon donated an entire day and had eight hair stylists working until 6:30 at night.”
“I forgot what it feels like to be a woman,” confessed one woman when she saw herself. Another had tears in her eyes and thanked Todd for letting her come to the Salon.
“I realized,” reflected Todd later, “that we do have the power to touch people’s lives.”
It may be back to business as usual at the Sterling Salon, but July 28th will be a day that the women of The Domestic Abuse Center will always remember, and perhaps it will give them a little bit of hope.

Under the Boardwalk

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