Monday, October 3, 2016

The Wailing Woman

By Kimberly Mack
Residents in the small, upscale community of La Jolla said sometimes you could see her walking on the beach just before dawn, when the tide was out and fingers of fog clung to the top of the cove and nearby hills.  But, you could only see her for a few moments and then she’d disappear.  Sometimes over the sounds of the surf pounding on the rocks, you could hear her crying.  In town they called her “the wailing woman.”  I didn’t believe these stories, of course.  I'd never seen a ghost.  Nor, did I want to.

I was house-sitting for my cousin and his wife one weekend.  They had a beautiful home overlooking La Jolla Point.  I’d been up late trying to work on my book when I fell asleep.  Sometime later I woke on the sofa and was stunned to notice it was almost dawn.  I rose to put another log on the fire.  It was then I heard her.  It was soul-wrenching sobbing and seemed to echo throughout the house.   I quickly went to the balcony and scanned the beach below.  She was there; standing on one of the rocks, oblivious to the pounding surf as it washed through her.   Her transparent arms stretched upwards, towards the sky as if reaching for someone or something.  Her cries were none I’d ever heard before, almost like a wounded animal.  They were gut wrenching and disturbing.  My heart was pounding in my chest as I stood rooted to the railing.  Then she turned and looked right at me.  I felt sucked into her dark scrutiny and could not move had my life depended on it.  Her eyes were full of such despair and something else I could not identify.  Then suddenly, without warning my legs turned to jelly and gave way beneath me.  I crumbled in a heap on the deck.   When I came too, the woman was gone and the sun was rising, its giant orb casting a golden light across the water, banishing all things dark and mysterious.  I welcomed it.    I felt cold all over.  There were only the sounds of the waves crashing and an occasional gull crying.   I turned and made my way back into the house telling myself to breathe.  As I rounded the corner of the living room, I glanced down at the hard wood floor, suddenly puzzled.  There was water beneath my feet as if I had spilled something.  I know I had not.   I froze, understanding suddenly dawnng.  I was not alone.   She was here.  

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sands of Zuma Beach

Whoo-hoo! So happy that my colorful Sands of Zuma Beach image is now live and I'm able to offer this cool beach shot on a 100% Modal scarf for $40.00 and on the sheer wrap for $120,00! Both are from my Malibu Collection. This famous location was used in the movie Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston; and is still used today for countless other movies and commercials. I tweaked this shot and brought in some hot lava colors.  Hope you enjoy.  I know I can't wait to get my samples of these.  Order soon for the holidays @  

Beach PartySands of Zuma

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Looking for some scenic shots of So Cal for your visit?  Check out my shots of iconic buildings and beaches and order a variety of prints on canvas and metal!  I also offer my photography on greeting cards which make great gifts.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All Aboard! A Day at Union Station

All Aboard! Calling all LA history buffs! Recognize this iconic image? Happy to announce my latest collection of scarves and wrap with my shot of LA Union Station on it. I love this locale and it's history goes back to the 1930's! A great place to people watch. Don't hesitate a second and run to order one of these great items for the holidays. Great for out-of-town friends and family as a memento of Los Angeles. Now taking orders on Track #9! All Aboard

A Day at Union Station

Afternoon in LA

A Slice of Serenity

So excited to be offering my complete Malibu Collection now live! I'm offering everything from my tote bag and handkerchief to my tops, scarfs and wrap. All items in this collection have a calming, serene shot of one of our resident gulls in flight over the crashing waves of Mailibu. Taking orders now
. The totebag and tops are made right here in California! I love them all and know you will too. Order now for the holidays and surprise your family and friends with these gifts with a taste of So. Cal!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

That's A Wrap!

Looking for that perfect gift for your mother-in-law, mother or you? Check this great wrap out with a shot I took at Paradise Cove with my added special effects. I love these wraps - they are so versatile and float around your legs when you move. Order now in time for the holidays. Easy to care for 100% Polyester. These make wonderful gifts and a guaranteed smile to the receivers face. Shop at
Whether out on the town or at the beach, this light and airy piece makes the perfect go-to accessory to style any summer outfit. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or slip on over a swimsuit for a chic, standout look.

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Got your holiday shopping list all ready? Good! Okay! Now, let's see -
Dad - silk handkerchief
Grandpa - scarf and handkerchief
Grandma - carry-all tote and scarf
Mom - sheer wrap and blouse
Aunt - blouse and handkerchief
Me - tote, sheer wrap
Other Grandmother - scarf and wrap
Nieces, nephews - scarves, handkerchiefs and wraps and totes
Me - scarfs and wraps and tote bag - oh my!
Irritating little brother - handkerchief or scarf or a bag of coal
Now - where to get all this?? Well I have the perfect solution - and it's one stop shopping! All on
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